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As Your Check-ins Grow Online So Will Your Orders at Your Restaurant.

Learn More about the Facebook Check-In System

Let Us:

  1. Bring In New Customers
  2. Increase Customer Engagement
  3. Build Brand Loyalty
  4. Create Repeat Customer Experiences
  5. Develop Brand Awareness

Imagine you wanted to use facebook to promote your restaurant. What would the ideal promotion look like? It would be a promotion by a customer that included a recommendation from them and a photo of your food. Their post would appear to all of their friends and it would also have the location of your restaurant, your reviews, and your opening hours.

Let us set-up your Check-In Program:

  1. We develop your program and provide the tabletop signs.
  2. We run monthly contests.
  3. We change your check-in signs with fresh offers.
  4. We re-share and engage your customers on your page.
  5. We pick and announce your monthly contest winners.

The check-in provides all of the valuable information a potential customer would want to know. When a customer checks-in on Facebook it's seen in their friends newsfeed as a personal recommendation. We know our friends don't make recommendations frequently, so we trust them. In fact, we trust recommendations from our friends and family more than we trust a promotion from a business.

It's been reported a Facebook Check-in is typically seen by 200 friends but it's also been reported that as many as 600 or more friends have seen a single check-in from a friend on their newsfeed.