Chris Ripley

The Birthday Marketing Machine

The Birthday Marketing Machine (BMM) automates this entire birthday capturing, marketing, and follow-up process for you, allowing you to focus on your business while the BMM runs in the background, bringing in your customers on the regular basis. Slow times will be minimized. Your list of customers will grow and your repeat business will increase with regular communication to your growing list.

With the BMM we also provide Reputation Management services, helping you get more reviews and better reviews on places like Google, Facebook, and your Website.

We also can provide you with a weekly email newsletter to your current list plus anyone we add with the BMM and other methods like your Website. Growing your email list is the best marketing you can do your business.

Chris Ripley created the Birthday Marketing Machine. He has almost 40 years of sales, marketing, and technology experience. He has helped 1000’s of companies get better results from their marketing and advertising.